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February 27-28, 2021
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Major League Hacking 2021 Hackathon Season


Build your way to entrepreneurship.

We do hackathon with a business twist. HackLBS brings together business professionals, app developers, tech enthusiasts, designers, and anyone who loves to problem solve to get their ideas off the ground and launch new ventures together.

Historically, we have asked participants where the market is and how will we make money? At the turn of this decade, we want to also starting why. What does your product stand for in society?

HackLBS is a weekend-long event where people come together to create anything at all. The most common hacks are such software products as mobile apps or websites, however, some also build physical hacks – machines, tools etc. Check out the video provided by our partner MLH!

Good question! You will build a network with like-minded individuals from a diverse technical or professional background and get to work with them in a pressure-cooker environment. The goal? To create an MVP (minimum viable product) and to pitch your product to our panel of mentors and judges. Winning teams will also stand a chance to win monetary prizes!

When and where?

The Hackathon will run from the 26th to 28th of February. It will be held virtually via #Slack and Zoom this year 🥴 (i know, right?) however, you will still get to meet other participants as our team is working hard to make sure that you experience all the essentials of a hackathon!

Do I need to be a student? What else do I need?

Yes, you need to be a current student at any educational institution to join this Hackathon. Bring with you a computer, the tinker in you, a spirit of collaboration, and plenty of ideas!💡

What if I have never hacked?

We will be hosting an array of pre-hack training sessions including business-focused ones (to help you pitch your MVP) before the event! Sign up to our newsletter and stay tuned!

How do I form a team? Can I join as an individual?

You can sign up as a team of up to four OR as an individual.

If you choose the former, we recommend that you build a multidisciplinary team – a mix of design, coding, and business know-how will ensure higher success.

If you sign up as an individual, we will help you (through workshops and networking events), to meet other participants to form a team.

What about prizes? 🥇

Monetary swag 💰worth up to GBP1500 is up for grabs, while we are lining up non-cash prizes from such partners as Microsoft, HubSpot, Stripe and Speechifai

Is there a code of conduct?

TLDR – Be respectful to others,  speak up if you experience harassment, abuse or any inappropriate behavior, and have fun! Further reading: MLH Code of Conduct Guide.



This year, we are proud to introduce two new challenges on Sustainability and Women. On top of that, we have a generalist (hacker’s paradise) track where participants can build anything they want!

Challenge winners will stand a chance to pitch at a VC panel at the London Business School Women in Business conference.

Explore challenges and prizes


Our panel of judges bring years of experience and valuable mentorship to the programme.

Key Dates

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February 22
Meet fellow hackers to form teams and brainstorm ideas
February 26
Networking Evening (Optional)
February 27 + 28

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