Hackathons UK x HackLBS

General Track

Don’t have a theme to focus on? Do whatever you want!

Hack and build a solution to a problem you are passionate about solving. Be bold and creative in bringing innovative solutions for real-world problems.


Sustainability Track

ESG is THE word in business right now. With the green/sustainability sector set to received unprecedented attention and investments, we invite you to hack for one of more of the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals.

Winners of this challenge will have preferential access to the Sustainability Hackathon hosted by the LBS Social Impact Club in April.

WiB x HackLBS

Women Empowerment Track

Join us in solving day to day challenges faced by women, or envision innovative solutions to empower women in society, the workplace, and the household. Themes that you can (but are not limited to) explore are – female health, fashion, workplace, motherhood, leadership.